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Buy Camera SA - B-Grip Camera Belt Holder

CPTech's b-grip belt holder is a unique innovative alternative to the camera neck strap. Safe, durable, ergonomic and simple to use, b-grip allows the photographer to carry their camera everywhere and for long periods without neck strain. So now it's easy to avoid the inconvenience of a dangling camera swinging around your neck, while keeping your hands and body completely free.

"WDS (weight discharge system)" a smart idea for surprising performance.

CPtech exclusive patent ensures the distribution of the weight across the thigh providing a perceived weight reduction of 50%. Camera swings are reduced to zero.

B-grip completely removes the hassles associated with a camera neck strap, allowing comfortable use of the camera previously unthinkable

The quick release plate (QRP) has a 1/4" screw and is compatible with most cameras and camcorders with a tripod socket.

The new anti-vibration guard prevents the screw loosening and further enhances the system's security.

Handy flip-out platform lets you place the camera on most surfaces while protecting the camera and lens.

  • Material: High technical plastic resin compound loaded with glass fibre and glass micro-spheres. Durethan
  • Length cm 19,5
  • Width cm 8,5
  • Height cm 3,5
  • Weight: gr 135
  • Weight resistance test: Over 32 kg*


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  • Model: B-GRIP
  • Manufactured by: Vanguard
  • * Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual goods may vary.

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