Canon Speedlite 430 Mk III RT

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Buy Camera SA - Canon Speedlite 430 Mk III RT

A portable, powerful Speedlite flash thatís easy to use Ė on and off the camera.

Take a new approach to lighting with a Speedlite flash thatís powerful, versatile and portable. Radio-frequency triggering makes off-camera flash easy to do, and opens up new ways to get creative with your photography.

  • Powerful, yet compact enough to take anywhere
  • Simple controls and an intuitive interface
  • Use remote flash to create the look you want
  • Shoot flattering portraits using bounced light
  • Integrates with other Speedlites as part of the EOS Family
  • Guide No. (ISO100).meters:43 (105mm)
  • focal length coverage: 24-105mm
  • Coverage with wide panel: 14mm
  • Auto zoom for sensor size: Yes
  • Auto exposure control: E-TTLII/E-TTL
  • High speed sync (FP: Yes
  • Manual / output settings: Yes - 1/1- 1/128
  • Manual steps: 1/3 step
  • Auto exposure control: E-TTLII/E-TTL
  • Transmitter: Yes
  • Transmission type: Radio
  • Signal range (Infra-red/Radio: Indoors: 12-15m / 30m
  • Outdoors: 8-10m / 30m
  • Slave function: Infra-red/Radio
  • Master function: Radio
  • No of groups: (Optical/Radio) - / 5
  • No of channels: (Optical/Radio) - / 15
  • Remote Shutter Release: Yes


Sold Out
  • Model: 0585C003AA
  • Manufactured by: Canon
  • * Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual goods may vary.

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