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Buy Camera SA - Pentax AF-200 FG Flash

Compact, easy-to-use AF-200FG Auto Flash. Guide number of 20 at ISO 100/m (28 at ISO 200/m), approx. 2.3 - 11.8 ft. effective flash range, P-TTL with pre-flash, flash exposure compensation (0.5 and -1 EV in P-TTL mode), built-in/flip down diffuser covers focal lengths down to 24mm. Requires 4 AA batteries. Catalog No.: 30465 AF-200FG Flash

  • Compact design with a guide number of 20 at ISO 100/m (28 at ISO S200/m)
  • Simple mode dial operation offers P-TTL with pre-flash to assure proper exposure
  • Flash exposure compensation can be set to -0.5 and -1 EV in P-TTL mode through dial
  • Full manual mode for more creative control
  • Flash coverage for focal lengths as wide as 28mm (in the 35mm format)
  • Built-in, flip down diffuser covers focal lengths down to 24mm (in the 35mm format)
  • Type: Clip-on P-TTL auto flash
  • Flash Control: TTL-series-control auto flash manual flash
  • Flash Modes: P-TTL (TTL corrective auto flash, contrast-control auto flash); TTL (TTL auto flash); FULL (manual flash)
  • Discharge Angles: 70 degrees horizontal, 53 degrees vertical (78 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical with wide angle panel)
  • Focal Length Coverage: 28mm equivalent (24mm equivalent with wide angle panel)
  • Guide Number: 20 at ISO 100/m, FULL; 28 at ISO 200/m, FULL
  • Flash Range: 2.3-11.8 (GN 20, ISO 100, f/5.6)
  • Interval & Battery Life: Alkaline batteries - approx 4s interval, 300 full discharges; Lithium batteries - approx 4s interval, 450 full discharges; NiMH batteries - approx 4s interval, 400 full discharges
  • Color Temperature Balance: Daylight
  • Synchronization Modes: Leading Shutter Curtain Sync
    Other Functions:
  • Auto Power Off, Test Discharge, Flash Exposure Compensation (-0.5 EV, -1 EV)
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries (alkaline, lithium, NiMH)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 6.9 x 8.4 x 9.4cm
  • Mass: 80g without batteries


Sold Out
  • Model: 30465
  • Manufactured by: Pentax
  • * Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual goods may vary.

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