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Buy Camera SA - Light Tent 80cm

Light tents are commonly used in catalogue photography for imaging highly reflective objects particularly glass, plastic and metal, or when an "ultra soft" lighting effect is desirable. Buy Camera SA's light tents are constructed of a pure white translucent material.

The unit assembles in 2 minutes and can be easily disassembled and stored in a carrying bag.

The front of the light tent has a lens access hole to allow for a lens.

Position any type of light source around the light tent, even from underneath, if you are set up on a shooting table, or glass.

Complete with carry bag and 4 background sweeps - Black - White - Red - Blue


Sold Out
  • Model: Light Tent 80cm 00505
  • Manufactured by: Aputure
  • * Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual goods may vary.

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