Nikon R1 Macro Remote kit: 2x SB-R200 Macro Speedlights

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Buy Camera SA - Nikon R1 Macro Remote kit: 2x SB-R200 Macro Speedlights

For those who want to use a Nikon SB-900 or a built-in Speedlight of D300s/D90/D5000 cameras as a commander, there is also the Nikon Close-up Speedlight Remote Kit R1, which comes without the Nikon SU-800.

    Contents of Nikon Close-up Speedlight Kit
  • Wireless Remote Nikon Speedlight SB-R200 set (two sets)
    Each set includes the Nikon SB-R200, Speedlight stand AS-20, Soft Case SS-R200, Filter Set SJ-R200, and Color Filter Holder SZ-1
  • Attachment Ring SX-1
    Enables Nikon SB-R200(s) to be attached to the lens front to create close-up lighting. It also accepts up to eight Nikon SB-R200s and can be attached to a tripod for remote lighting.
  • IR Panel for Built-in Flash SG-3IR
    Enables Commander function by built-in flash of the Nikon D300/D90/D5000 cameras.
  • Adapter Ring Set
    Enables SX-1 to be attached to lenses with various filter attachment size (5 kinds: 52mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm).
  • Extreme Close-Up Positioning Adapter SW-11 (x2)
    Curves the Nikon SB-R200s flash light toward the optical axis to create lighting effects when taking extreme close-up shots.
  • Diffuser SW-12
    Creates soft lighting
  • Flexible Arm Clip SW-C1
    Used to fix Diffuser SW-12 to the Attachment Ring SX-1. Can be used to fix other photographic equipment.
  • Close-up Speedlight Kit Case SS-MS1
    Holds all the accessories plus an extra Nikon SB-R200.


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  • Model: CAMNIACR1
  • Manufactured by: Nikon
  • * Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, actual goods may vary.

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